I need a hug

I need a hug

This book is basically about a 2007 year old tree who wanted a hug for her birthday very much. We are going to retell the story. The tree’s name was Saphira and she waited for a hug for her whole life. When everybody came by they herd “I need a hug, I need a hug, I need a hug, hug, hug,” but when the kids walked by they wouldn’t hear her the first time so when she tried to say it again the trickster wind would blow really hard that would mess up her sentence and make it sound like she asked for something else. One morning a little blind girl and her mom went for a walk and the blind girl herd the tree say ” I need a hug, I need a hug, I need a hug, hug, hug,” and the blind girl gave her one.The tree was so happy she started to cry and her birthday wish came true.


by: Parker and Manvir

My rhyming sentences!

I have a big fat cat that sat on a big fat yellow mat. I saw a frog sitting on a big fat

yellow log. I had a dog that sat on a frog. I had a cat that went to the mat and at

the cat’s mat he went on the bat with his mat. He couldn’t make that fat cat

get that big fat yellow mat. I really want a big fat bat that sat on that big fat cat

on the yellow mat.

I saw a big fat cat with a yellow hat. I see a cat that makes a mat.

I have a toad that sat on a yellow road. I have a bow that went on a boat to row row

row. I went to the road to row on a toad. I made a wall that sat on a ball.

There was a heart that sat on a dart.


euro 2012

The euro 2012 is about soccer.  There are sixteen teams competing in the euro 2012.

The winner will be the best soccer team in Europe.  I hope the team England or

Portugal win the euro 2012. The teams that will be playing are

Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Spain,

Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Ukraine, England, France, and Sweden.

The super awesome amazing Adventure part 1#

One day there were nine explorers.  The nine explorers loved to explore. Oh and

the nine explorers names were Alexander Brendan Aiden Juliya Lizzie Parker and

Miles and Jack too. One day the explorers decided to go exploring.  They had a

friend and his name was Caelan and he knew how to use a motor boat. So caelan drove

the explorers to an Island.  They were going to explore the Island. Then they got

hungry. Then they found a pond. So they decided to go in the water to get a lot of

fish. They found a whole jungle home, there were a lot of brown monkeys and different animals.


So they went in one of the abandon houses. It was one of the big

houses that they went in. They sleep in there and they decided to rent it. When they

woke up they went to get more food because they ran out of fish. So they went to get

more fish. When they were done they went exploring more of the

Island. So they found out that people lived on this Island. They found these markings

and it meant beware of this Island. Then they ran back to the rented house. But all the

stuff were  gone. Then they got caught from the warriors. They were going to become

slaves if they did not leave the Island. But they decided to stay to see whats going on.

Then a volcano started to erupt and all these horrible creatures came. Some

of the creatures were dragons and other mystical creatures.

So they all ran away to the boats. But the dragons caught them it was horrible.

But then they became friends. They brought back the dragons. They kept them as pets.

What will happen next?

My butterfly life cycle

I will tell you how the butterfly life cycle works.


1) First the caterpillar comes out of the egg. The caterpillar eats and eats.

Then it sheds its skin.

2) Then it turns into a j. After its a j it turns into a chrysalis.

3) Next a butterfly comes out of the chrysalis. It has wet wings at first.

4) After that the wings dry and then he can fly away.

5) Finally it can lay its eggs on a tree.

That is how the butterfly life cycle works!!!

What I learned for literacy

I read a book for my homework it was called polar bears past bedtime.so in the book right here it says… there was a time when nearly all of the Arctic people’s food and clothing and tools came from Arctic animals, especially the seal could be eaten. Lamps were fueled with sea fat. Clothing was made from sealskin. And knives and needles were carved from seal bones. The word “igloo” means “house” in the language of native Arctic people. The house is built with blocks of snow. Dry snow is good wall material because it keeps in the heat. The temperature inside an igloo can be 65 degrees warmer than the temperature outside.

What did you learn from a book?



My awesome butterfly point of veiw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we released the last butterfly. We used to have four but we released the

other ones yesterday.

The butterfly that we released today I think the butterfly was

thinking in the cage  what are you doing do you want me

to dye or something.? That’s what I think the butterfly was thinking.



What do you think the butterfly was thinking?